Alamaze Tutorial

Start the Alamaze Tutorial

This short video shows how to start the Alamaze Game Tutorial

Step 2 of 4 in the Getting Started Tutorials.

New to Alamaze? Start here to learn how to start our free tutorial. You can watch the video or follow these instructions.

  1. Hit the play tutorial button above.
  2. You must have created an Alamaze Account (No Credit Card Required)
  3. Log In to the Alamaze Online Order System
  4. On Left-hand side click the blue game queue link
  5. That opens the Game Generator.
  6. Halfway down on left-hand side hit the green button that says”Start Tutorial”‘
  7. Hit OK on the confirmation message
  8. The game will Show up in the game queue on the right side.
  9. Click join and the tutorial will start when your turn sheets are sent to your email. Usually a couple of minutes.

 This video plus other tutorials, game aids, and examples of game play can be found in our training vault. Bookmark the training vault in order to reference these videos at a later time.

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