Alamaze is the competitive multi-player high fantasy strategy game, for the thinking gamer.

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Do you remember gaming with friends face to face?

Playing games like…

  • Dungeons and Dragons
  • Magic the Gathering
  • Axis and Allies
  • Risk, etc.

Sure, we had disagreements about rules and sometimes the interpretation of the rules got ‘negotiated’ using the “might makes right method.” Some negotiations might have occasionally led to the accidental destruction of Mom’s favorite chair.

Our competitive nature to be the best drove us to spend hours creating new decks as well as devising new strategies. Based on our efforts, we were able to enhance our strategic thinking by pushing our imaginations and developing new skills.

The competition was everything. The harder the win, the greater the joy of victory.

Ahh…! This was “The Golden Age of Gaming.”

Then came home computers and internet gaming like MMOs (Massive Multiplayer Online games), changing the dynamic of gaming. No longer were we bound by geography. Friends were made from all over the world. This meant, we stayed up all night in order to raid together with our friends.

Unlike games from “The Golden Age of Gaming,” MMOs were more about cooperation than competition.

At first, leveling challenged our strategic thinking skills. Since there were no game guides to rely on to give us step-by-step instructions, we had to learn through trial and error. Getting to the top of the leader boards took long hours and dedication.

We were young, therefore sitting at a computer for hours farming for gold or camping for a special drop meant nothing to us.

To be able to proudly display a hard to get piece of gear was almost as satisfying as a victory over your friends during

“The Golden Age of Gaming.”

Then, MMOs became a big money business. The corporations that ran these games made them easier to play. They wanted to make their games more accessible to the general public, so they dumb them down. More players meant more money.

As a result, a special piece of gear lost its luster when players could just…

  • Pay others to level their character
  • Buy Gold
  • Buy High-level gear

The skills we developed became less of a factor and the joy of pure competition was being lost.

Also, as we got older. The hours we spent at our computers began taking a toll on our health, families, social life and work life. More and more, our lives became cyber and we stopped getting together with our real-life friends. We missed out on the joys of living.

But what if we could have both-the time and the thrill of intense competition?

Alamaze allows you to do just that. It is a game of pure competition.

Each game is 12 players fighting to be the first to control 4 of the 13 regions of Alamaze. The only way to gain control of those regions is to take them from another player using the following tools…

  • Magic
  • Military
  • Diplomacy
  • Espionage
  • Trade


Each Player Must…

  • Build their economies.
  • Research higher levels of magic.
  • Order their diplomats to spread their culture far and wide.
  • Use agents to conduct covert operations against their enemies.
  • Use brute force or deceit to take territory from their neighbors.

If a player is victorious, their victory is recorded forever into the Halls of Valhalla.

Alamaze is NOT for everyone, it is a game of profound complexity and infinite strategies with over…

  • 100 different types of orders 
  • 100 different spells
  • 50 different artifacts 
  • 24 unique kingdoms, each with their own traits and abilities
  • 13 different regions with their own advantages and disadvantages

Alamaze will make you think!

Here is what makes Alamaze different.

The Draft:

This is where your strategic thinking begins. Each new game is formed on the forums and begins with a draft. All new games are posted along with any special rules for that game. Players pick their spot in a 2-round draft on a first-come, first-serve basis. Draft spots are numbered 1 to 12. Once all 12 spots are filled, the first round of the draft begins, starting with player number 1 and going to player number 12. Players can choose either a kingdom or a region in the first round. After player number 12 makes his/her selection, the second round begins in reverse order, starting with player number 12 and ending with player number 1.

Careful observation of the kingdoms and regions your opponents selected effects your strategic thinking.

The downside to the draft is, a game can take many days to form.

The Players:

Alamaze attracts highly intelligent strategy gamers; as well as competitive professionals with busy lives; and people who are tired of or do not have time for MMOs.


Time Flexibility:

Alamaze offers time flexibility. Each game has a 72-hour turn clock. This allows players 72 hours to consider and input their turn. A turn typically takes up to 30 minutes to an hour to enter.

This format: 

  • Excites the imagination.
  • Allows room for life to happen.
  • Allows you to compete with players all over the world.
  • To do your turns when it is convenient for you, even in team games.
  • Provides a way for friends to game together from different locations.
  • Allows for strategic and tactical discussions with other gamers.
  • Will keep you entertained for years.
  • Provides a means of making new friends.

You will get a feeling of exhilaration when you receive the email heralding your turn results.

So, what are you waiting for! Come join us on the battlefields of Alamaze.

How is The Game Played.

What Does Alamaze Cost?

Alamaze Service Levels

Money Back Gaurantee
If after turn 20 of your first game you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, we will provide a full refund. No questions asked.
Scout Service Level
New to Alamaze and PBEM styled games? Episodic styled turn-based gaming with several days possible between turns is strange to some, who haven’t been in games of 5 - 12 (like Alamaze) players, each carefully crafting strategy in a single campaign that takes about three months to complete. Scout provides one game of Alamaze Classic at a time for a more cautious approach while you learn the ropes. Now just $9.95 monthly.
Warrior Service Level
We recommend new players who have experienced either Alamaze itself or an Alamaze-styled game sometime before begin with the Warrior Service Level. Why? You won’t have the learning curve of a newbie to episodic (PBEM) strategy gaming – you already know the main precepts - and you’ll get the huge value of Warrior, which provides two games of Alamaze Classic concurrently: double that of Scout. $17.95 monthly.
Commander Service Level
Many Alamaze players will settle in at Commander Level Service. Additional new arenas are opened at this service level: Warlords of Alamaze and Standby. An Alamaze Primeval game has 5 kingdoms and players, Alamaze Steel or an Alliance game has 12 kingdoms with each player controlling one kingdom. In Confederations, six players each control two kingdoms. In Warlords - for very experienced players, 4 players each control a team of 3 kingdoms vying for victory. Commander Service is the first level at which a player may control multiple kingdoms in the same game in this more intense challenge among experienced players. Additionally, Commander Service introduces the ability to assume control of an abandoned position early (or possibly, later) in a game, through Standby. A dropped position can be taken over by a Commander Level player at no cost. A Commander Level player then can play in up to 4 games including the Standby position (3 games plus 1 standby) for just a few dollars more than Warrior Level Service. $25.95 monthly.
Victor Service Level
Champions, the time has come. You have won, or might have if not for some poor fortune, an Alamaze Campaign. The rules and mechanics are now second nature, if not the subtleties and endless strategic possibilities. Now you can advance your scope to include Titan Competition: an ultimate mano-a-mano against an equally skilled master in Alamaze where you each control six kingdoms. Titan games are customized by its contestants, often involving a “draft” of the kingdoms under their control. A Titans of Alamaze game counts as 3 games against your service level even though you control 6 kingdoms. Once again, the bump up in games and standbys, about doubles the play of Commander Service for not much more, and adds the unparalleled Battle of Titans. (Victor level provides 5 Classic games which also can become 1 Warlord and 1 Titan or 2 Warlord and 1 regular game plus the 2 standby positions.) Hail Victor! $34.95 monthly.
Imperator Service Level
You are one of the demonstrated leaders in the community You are an invited play tester in all new releases. With 8 game slots available, you can be in multiple campaign formats simultaneously. $42.95 monthly.
All Service Levels
Each new game you enter has a small setup charge that varies by format. For example, a Primeval game has a $4.95 setup and an Alliance game has an $8.95 setup. Your monthly subscription and new game signups will be invoiced through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay - you can use your bank debit card or credit cards and we don't collect your payment card information.

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