Alamaze is The Thinking Gamer's Multi-Player Deep Strategy Game of High Fantasy

How is the Game Played?

You and Eleven Other Players are Placed in a Contest for Dominance.

Each Game Provides

A Unique Experience
With over 24 different kingdoms, 13 regions, a random map covered in a fog of war, and 12 different players in each match, no two games are ever the same.
Time to Consider Your Actions
Due to its play by mail roots, Alamaze provides a 72 hour turn clock that allows players ample time to consider their options and submit their turns.
Online Order Input System
Players input their turn orders into an online input system, and once all players have hit ready or the turn clock runs out, the turns are processed and turn results are emailed out.
Each Game Lasts up to 3 Months
With an average game time of three months Alamaze provides months of fun at great value for the cost.

What Does Alamaze Cost?

Alamaze Service Levels

Money Back Gaurantee
If after turn 20 of your first game you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, we will provide a full refund. No questions asked.
Scout Service Level
New to Alamaze and PBEM styled games? Episodic styled turn-based gaming with several days possible between turns is strange to some, who haven’t been in games of 5 - 12 (like Alamaze) players, each carefully crafting strategy in a single campaign that takes about three months to complete. Scout provides one game of Alamaze Classic at a time for a more cautious approach while you learn the ropes. Now just $9.95 monthly.
Warrior Service Level
We recommend new players who have experienced either Alamaze itself or an Alamaze-styled game sometime before begin with the Warrior Service Level. Why? You won’t have the learning curve of a newbie to episodic (PBEM) strategy gaming – you already know the main precepts - and you’ll get the huge value of Warrior, which provides two games of Alamaze Classic concurrently: double that of Scout. $17.95 monthly.
Commander Service Level
Many Alamaze players will settle in at Commander Level Service. Additional new arenas are opened at this service level: Warlords of Alamaze and Standby. An Alamaze Primeval game has 5 kingdoms and players, Alamaze Steel or an Alliance game has 12 kingdoms with each player controlling one kingdom. In Confederations, six players each control two kingdoms. In Warlords - for very experienced players, 4 players each control a team of 3 kingdoms vying for victory. Commander Service is the first level at which a player may control multiple kingdoms in the same game in this more intense challenge among experienced players. Additionally, Commander Service introduces the ability to assume control of an abandoned position early (or possibly, later) in a game, through Standby. A dropped position can be taken over by a Commander Level player at no cost. A Commander Level player then can play in up to 4 games including the Standby position (3 games plus 1 standby) for just a few dollars more than Warrior Level Service. $25.95 monthly.
Victor Service Level
Champions, the time has come. You have won, or might have if not for some poor fortune, an Alamaze Campaign. The rules and mechanics are now second nature, if not the subtleties and endless strategic possibilities. Now you can advance your scope to include Titan Competition: an ultimate mano-a-mano against an equally skilled master in Alamaze where you each control six kingdoms. Titan games are customized by its contestants, often involving a “draft” of the kingdoms under their control. A Titans of Alamaze game counts as 3 games against your service level even though you control 6 kingdoms. Once again, the bump up in games and standbys, about doubles the play of Commander Service for not much more, and adds the unparalleled Battle of Titans. (Victor level provides 5 Classic games which also can become 1 Warlord and 1 Titan or 2 Warlord and 1 regular game plus the 2 standby positions.) Hail Victor! $34.95 monthly.
Imperator Service Level
You are one of the demonstrated leaders in the community You are an invited play tester in all new releases. With 8 game slots available, you can be in multiple campaign formats simultaneously. $42.95 monthly.
All Service Levels
Each new game you enter has a small setup charge that varies by format. For example, a Primeval game has a $4.95 setup and an Alliance game has an $8.95 setup. Your monthly subscription and new game signups will be invoiced through PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account to pay - you can use your bank debit card or credit cards and we don't collect your payment card information.

Getting Started

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