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Do you have what it takes to dominate in the world of Alamaze?

Alamaze Is The Thinking Gamers Multi-Player Deep Strategy Game of High Fantasy

You and Eleven Other Players are Placed in a Contest for Dominance.

A Contest that Ends when One Player Takes Control of Four of the Thirteen Starting Regions

Each Player Must

  • Choose one of 24 unique kingdoms – each with their own strengths and weaknesses
  • Pick from one of 12 starting regions – each providing different bonuses.
  • Decide on their strategies, negotiate trades, make communications with other players, and enter their orders into the Automated Online Order System before the 72-hour turn clock runs out.
  • Build up their cities, towns, and villages in order to protect them from enemies.
  • Raise their mages to levels of unprecedented power.
  • Build armies with the strength to capture legendary castles.
  • Recruit and train agents to spy, steal, or eliminate threats from the other kingdoms.
  • Recruit and train diplomats to spread the virtues of their kingdom and denounce the lies of their enemies.
  • Discover and dig up ancient artifacts that give their kingdoms powerful benefits.
  • Use their mages, agents, armies, and diplomats to persuade enemy population centers to join their own kingdom, either through influence or force.

Until They Dominate Over All Others

Each Game Provides

  • A unique experience each and every game.
  • The challenge of playing against a different set of players.
  • 72 hours to plan and input your turns into the automated online orders system. This allows even busy people to have plenty of opportunity to fit their turns into their schedules.
  • With 12 players instead of two on an unexplored board ten times larger then a chess board Alamaze provides for a level of deep strategy that is unparalleled. Making Alamaze the perfect game for the thinking man.
  • An automated online system in which orders are inputted and players indicate their readiness by hitting their ready button. Once every player has indicated they are ready, or the turn clock runs out,  the turns are processed simultaneously and results are sent to players and the turn clock is reset.
  • An average of three months worth of intrigue, anticipation, and strategic twists in each game providing a great value.

How Much Does Alamaze Cost?

  • Alamaze is a subscription based service with levels of service dependent on the number of games (slots) you chose to play in.  A small one time set-up fee is charged at the start of a new game.
  • All invoicing is done through paypal and Alamaze never takes your payment or credit card information.
  • If no one is able to claim a victory by turn 40 then the game ends, but games that go past turn 25 no longer occupy a slot in your service level. This allows you to start another game at no extra charge.
  • The Scout service level of one slot is only $9.95 a month. Additional service levels are available at a discount.
  • Set-up fees are a one time fee (invoiced at the start of the game) and are based on the type of game being started. They range from $4.95 to $8.95.

What Are People Saying About Alamaze

Sid Meir developer of the "Civilization" Series says:

“Alamaze is an engrossing electronic board game.”

Alamaze Player - Ashgar

“Alamaze challenges me in many ways. I get to play a particular kingdom and learn its strengths and weaknesses. I choose a region that also has certain strengths and weaknesses. Then I play against other players and have to factor in their Kingdoms strengths and weaknesses as well as their regions. The final piece is learning the other players and their play styles. All in all, It is Challenging and Fun. I end up with friends I may never meet, but that I have so much fun being both an ally and an enemy to in the game. Chess on Steroids with the Fantasy Spin.”

Alamaze Player - Calidor

“Alamaze is the gaming equivalent of The One Ring with the Power to rule them all. Be warned, once you try it, it will change you forever.”

Alamaze Player - Strylian

“I don’t have time to spend playing a video game. I have always been a gamer and I love the challenge of head to head competition but with a busy schedule I sometimes find it hard to participate in a hobby I truly enjoy. Alamaze is the perfect game for me, with stiff human competition and a game structure that lets me do my moves when I have the time.”

Alamaze Player - Uncledarkseid

“I play Alamaze for the challenge. I have tried other similar games both PBEM and app games, and nothing comes close to comparing. The choices available to guide your kingdom and player interaction provide an unparalleled experience. The anticipation and excitement of receiving a new turn is unrivaled!”

Alamaze Player - Wookie Panz

“I’m well into my fourth year playing Alamaze and it is just as exciting today as it was when I started.  I have yet to play all of the 24 kingdom choices.  The game continues to evolve as the designer responds to the input of the players, fine tuning the programs and offering different scenarios to keep the game fresh.  For me, making new friends along the way through the forum and those games that allow outside communication is the icing on the cake.  There are so many different ways to play Alamaze that it never gets old.”

Dragon Magazine issue #131

Alamaze is a treat. Speaking as a game designer, it’s one of the finest designs I’ve seen. I like it and recommend it to experienced gamers.

White Wolf Magazine Issue #11

“Alamaze is possibly the finest play by mail game in existence. It is certainly the most innovative design since the first PBM game emerged… It should be tried by anyone who considers himself a real gamer.”

Paper Mayhem Magazine Issue #19

“Alamaze has all the strategy, intrigue, fear and paranoia that makes a great game. It’s a great value.”

Flagship Magazine Issue #11

“Alamaze is one of the finest PBM games on the market, today. It is fast paced and exciting. It is full of all the action, intrigue and role-playing any player could ask for.”

Paper Mayhem Magazine Issue #28

“Among the many innovations in Alamaze is the truly fantastic magic system, unequaled anywhere in PBM. Not only does the magic system fit in with the entire game system hand-in-hand, it also shows the depth and massive amounts of designing and programming time spent lavishly in this game.”

Origins Game of the Year Winner


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