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You may be green, but stick with us you'll be elite in no time!

If you want a chance at surviving in the realm of Alamaze, there is some stuff you're going to need to know. The first thing you need to know is to bookmark this page. It is where you will find the training videos and materials to give you a chance to elevate yourself from being green to becoming elite. The second thing you need to know is to hit the button "Create a New Alamaze Account." and start your Alamaze account.

We don’t care about your past. We care about your future. Whichever persona you pick when registering is the one you will be known by in Alamaze. So choose wisely.

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Training Videos

Starting the Alamaze Tutorial

Starting Tutorial Step 1

New to Alamaze? Start here to learn how to start our free tutorial. You can watch the video or follow these instructions.

  1. Hit the play tutorial button below.
  2. Create an Alamaze Account (No Credit Card Required)
  3. Log In to the Alamaze Online Order System
  4.  On Left hand side click the blue game queue link
  5. That opens the Game Generator.
  6.  Half way down on left hand side hit the green button that says”Start Tutorial”‘
  7. Hit OK on confirmation message
  8. Game will Show up in the game queue in right side.
  9. Click join and the tutorial will start when your turn sheets are sent to your email. Usually a couple mins.

Getting Into Your First Duel

Play Video

Getting Into Your First Duel

Things to remember.

  • Your first duel is free
  • You can ask for a duel on the boards or you can start one and invite a friend.
  • Dueling is the first chance you will have to really starting to think about strategy.
  • Dueling is done on 3rd addition maps so travel on water and adding structures to pop centers is not enabled.
  • Have Fun!

Getting Into Your First Full Game

Getting Into Your First Full Game of Alamaze

Things to remember.

  • Your First Set-Up Fee is Free
  • Role-Playing In-Game Communication Is Encouraged And Enjoyed By All.
  • Personal Attacks Will Not Be Tolerated.
  • Games Can Last Up To Three Months.
  • Have Fun!

Alamaze Player Aids

Free Downloads To Help In Alamaze Decision Making