Bearded Dragons

Learn How to Care For Your Beloved Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragons Secret Manual


“Bearded Dragon Secret Manual” is a guide to help you better understand and care for your breaded dragon. This manual will instruct you on how to choose the right bearded dragon, how to set up an enclosure, how to communicate with your bearded dragon, diet and much more.

  • Learn about the 2 main varieties of bearded dragons… and which one you SHOULD choose for easier care
  • Learn the first signal you MUST recognize from your bearded dragon and what it conveys
  • How to select or design your own cage, and 1 thing you should definitely take note of when building your own cage
  • 13 Essential ground rules for ANY breaded dragon owner
  • 42 types of vegetables that are safe for your bearded dragon, and provides it with the MOST nutritional value
  • Learn what you should consider before deciding whether or not to breed your own bearded dragons

Learn How To Maintain A Healthy Bearded Dragon

The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual


“The Basic Bearded Dragon Manual” is handbook that will help you discover how wonderful these reptiles are in their natural environment. You will also understand how to incorporate this information into a homemade environment for your bearded dragon pet. You will learn…

  • How to care for your bearded dragon
  • How to set up and decorate your vivarium
  • How and what to feed your bearded dragon
  • How to manage and routines for your bearded dragon

Learn How To Avoid The Deadly Mistakes Most Bearded Dragon Owners Make That Shortens The Life Of Their Bearded Dragon

The Bearded Dragon Guide


“The Bearded Dragon Guided” is a manual with step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to do and look for, so you will know, without a doubt that your bearded dragon will live a long a healthy life. You will learn…

  • How to avoid getting a bearded dragon that is too young
  • Easy ways to estimate the age of any bearded dragon
  • How to determine the gender of any bearded dragon
  • How to tell if your bearded dragon is being aggressive or playful
  • How to make sure your beardie doesn’t injure himself/herself outside their cage
  • How to clean your bearded dragon’s cage without poising him/her
  • How to make sure your bearded dragon is properly hydrated and how to make sure they are drinking water.
  • How to tell if a piece of food is too large for your bearded dragon.

How to choose the best vitamin supplements for your bearded dragon so he/she doesn’t overdose on vitamins.