Learn How To Transform Your Dog Into A More Obedient, Healthier and Happier Pup

The Dog Owner's Secret Handbook


Stop your dog from unwanted barking, jumping, chewing, and digging. “The Dog Owner’s Secret Handbook” is a guide that will help to relieve stress and increase happiness in your dog. These powerful methods will help your dog naturally by creating a…

  • Strong desire to be obedient
  • State of calmness around other dogs
  • Decreased Anxiety Levels
  • Lower chance of disease
  • Cures joint pain, bad hips, & skin conditions
  • Increased Natural Energy
  • Naturally Repel Fleas & Ticks

Learn How To Fix Your Dog’s Most Frustrating Problems Without Ever Touching A Single Hair On His Or Her Body

All Star Dog

$197.00, $37.00

Learn how to defeat some of the most difficult dog training issues without having to resort to yelling, slapping, or making use of dreadful dog training devices to deal with your dog’s irritating habits.

  • Indoor and outdoor potty training
  • Tugging the leash too hard during walks
  • Loud and violent barking and yelping
  • Attacking strangers or unknown guests 
  • Fear of new spaces and new people 
  • Biting, nipping, and growling 
  • Running after other animals or children 
  • Not listening to calls 
  • Ignoring basic obedience commands such as “sit” and “fetch” 
  • Destructing anything they may encounter 
  • Chewing, digging, and ruining things 
  • Whining and begging for food 

Learn How To Eliminate Bad Behavior And Help Your Pet Become An Obedient Dream Friend

Brain Training For Dogs


Learn these simple techniques to unlocking your dog’s natural intelligence. You will be amazed at how quickly unwanted behaviors disappear and your dog begins to obey you.

  • Your dog’s problem behaviors can fade away
  • Your dog will be better behaved and more obedient
  • Your dog’s ability to learn will skyrocket
  • Your dog’s temperament will improve
  • Your bond with your dog will become stronger
  • Your dog’s health will improve

Learn How Dog Food Companies Are Trying To Keep You From Discovering Their Deadly Secrets

Dog Food Secrets


“Dog Food Secrets” will teach you how commercial dog food increases the risk of your dog dying prematurely. This guide will also teach you the best diet for your dog, as well as…

  • The ‘Secret’ reason every dog, including yours, is now at risk of an early death!
  • Why continuing with your current system of care will cut your dog’s life short by up to 8.3 years?
  • The greedy billion-dollar companies spending millions to keep the truth hidden from you!
  • The 3 quick & easy steps you MUST take today to prevent your dog’s early, painful death

Learn How To Train Your Unruly Dog Using Professional Dog Trainer’s Secrets

Dog Owners Boot Camp

$47.00, $27.77

“Dog Owners Boot Camp” is a method that is a take-you-by-the-hand dog training system. You will see results immediately, even if you have never owned a dog before.  

  • How to stop your dog from doing the crotch crunch with every guest that enters your home…
  • The secret to having your dog come to you even when he is being distracted….
  • Four of the best dog toys and even more important the ones to be avoided….
  • How to house train your dog in one week…. You won’t need to call a carpet cleaner.
  • Must know secrets to stop the chewing now before you have to replace those just bought expensive leather shoes….
  • Amazing way to stop your dog from running into traffic. This is lifesaving information that no dog owners should be without….
  • Stop your unwanted gardener from planting bones in your back yard….
  • Learn how your dog thinks and more importantly how to communicate to him…
  • How to teach your dog all the basic commands in 7 days!
  • Discover how dog training benefits the entire family…
  • How soon do I start training my puppy?

Learn How To Halt Your Dog’s Behavioral Problems Without Spending Countless Hours In Training

Secrets To Dog Training

$538.00, $39.95

Dog Training isn’t complicated. “Secrets To Dog Training” is a comprehensive system that tells you everything you need to know and do to get your dog on the right path. This system is also a method used by professional dog trainers to ensure that your chaotic four-legged friend is the most well-behaved dog you’ve ever known.

  • Understand Your Dog and why they behave the way they do. Become a real-life dog whisperer and know intimately what your pet is thinking—and how to command him
  • Caring for Your Dog’s Wellbeing is a vital step: a happy, content and well-nourished dog wants to please its owners and is happy and settled
  • Training shows your dog who is the boss—and help them to feel happy and secure in their place with proven training methods that work and ensure your commands are obeyed every single time!

Learn How To Easily Build A Fully Insulated, Customized Dog House That Looks Great

Easy Build Dog House Plans

$49.95, $19.95

“The Easy Build Dog House Plans” is a guide that will help you to build a cost effective dog house. You can build a dog house for just a fraction of the cost of buying a pre-built one. Not only will you have an attractive place for your dog, you will feel proud knowing that you built your furry friend their very own home.

  • No fancy tools required – We have especially designed our plans so that anyone with basic tools like a handsaw, hammer, drill etc. can build our dog houses.
  • Easy to Build Plans – With easy to follow cross-sectional diagrams that include exact dimensions and required materials.
  • Save money by building your own dog house – Based on our analysis you normally save over 70% by building your own dog house. That can be hundreds of dollars saved.
  • Print off as many plans as required – our downloadable eBook format allows you to print off as many copies as you want. No need to worry about getting the plans dirty or having to share plans with helpers.

Learn How To Care For Your French Bulldog Including Nutrition And Training

French Bulldog Secrets


“French Bulldog Secrets” is a course for Frenchie owners to help them care for their French bulldog. This ultimate guide is for both beginners and experienced Frenchie owners who will learn about their dog’s nutrition and training needs.

  • French bulldog starter pack: The essential of the newborn pup
  • How to properly train your puppy from day one
  • Food and nutrition: recipes for the longest Frenchie lifespan
  • How to get shiny a shiny coat for your dog: Skin, hair, and nails
  • Socialization and everyday care: A day in the life of a Frenchie
  • How to select the right puppy: Tips to choose a French bulldog

Learn How To Get That Best Friend Relationship With Your German Shepherd That Most Dog Owners Only Dream Of Having

German Shepherd Handbook

$49.95, $39.95

“German Shepherd Handbook” is a complete guide to help you choose, understand and train your German Shepherd. You will discover exciting tips and secrets to a well-behave German shepherd.

  • 4 important things you MUST DO before bringing your German Shepherd home
  • Learn the important behavioral differences between the American and the German bloodline
  • How to find and choose the right German Shepherd for you. Learn everything from selecting the best breeder or shelter, to how to specifically point out the dog that’s perfect for you
  • The foolproof step-by-step method that guarantees that you find the perfect German Shepherd puppy
  • The best kind of diet for your German Shepherd
  • How to introduce your new German Shepherd to your home and the first steps to safety in your home
  • A simple way to make sure your dog is happy and healthy all the time
  • A thorough guide to housebreaking your German Shepherd, quickly and easily
  • Insider tips for training your dog to obey commands
  • Tired of your German Shepherd biting everything in sight? Here’s how to stop biting problems forever and force your dog to grow out of its puppy behavior before it’s too late!

Learn How To Unlock Your German Shepherd’s TRUE Potential

German Shepherd From Pup To Pal

$74.95, $37.95

“German Shepherd Owner’s Guide: From Pup To Pal” is a comprehensive guide to unlocking the REAL power of your German Shepherd using 100 year old breeding genetics. This guide will answer all the questions you may have about German Shepherds.

  • Why the military uses German Shepherds?
  • How to choose a reputable breeder?
  • How to know if your puppy is going to have issues, illnesses, and diseases that are common to German Shepherds?
  • How to obtain a purebred German bloodline?
  • 5 basic command you need to teach your German Shepherd?
  • How to properly feed your puppy?
  • How to put an instant to negative behaviors?
  • How to take care of your German shepherd unique needs?

Learn The Underlying Cause Of Your Dog’s Health Problems

Heal Your Dog Naturally

$86.97, $37.00

“Heal Your Dog Naturally” is a guide that provides natural, safe and effective treatment programs to help your dog live a healthier and happier life. This guide will empower you by providing you with powerful information, so you don’t need to depend on others for your dog’s health.

  • Easily Identify the True Causes of Your Dog’s Health Problems – Not Just Their Symptoms
  • How to Cure the Underlying Causes of Your Pet’s Health Problems – So That They Can Be Healed Permanently
  • Rapidly Reverse Agonizing Conditions Such as Inflamed Skin Disorders, Joint Pain, Yeast Infections, Recurrent Ear Infections and Many Other Common Health Disorders in Your Dog That Cause Them So Much Suffering
  • How to Stop Relying on Dangerous Steroids That May Shorten Your Dog’s Life – Genuine Knowledge to Last a Lifetime
  • Eradicate the Primary Causes of Your Dog’s Health Problems So You Can Prevent Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Autoimmune Disorders and Every Other Disease in Your Precious Dog
  • Save Hundreds of Dollars in Vet Bills by Treating Your Pet at Home
  • Learn How to Feed Your Dog Real Food from Home – Rather Than Rely on Expensive, Shop-Bought, Commercial Pet Food That Could Be Driving Your Dog to An Early Grave
  • Understand How You Can Easily Help Your Dog to Live A Long, Happy and Healthy Life
  • Eradicate Your Pet’s Health Disorders with Tried & Tested Naturopathic Treatment Protocols for Yeast Infections, Joint Pain, Ear Infections, Digestive & Liver Problems, Allergies, Skin Disorders, Diabetes, Autoimmune Diseases, And Much, Much More

Learn How To Completely Train Your Dog or Puppy Quickly and Easily in 7 Days Or Less

Heal Your Dog Naturally

$28.99, $15.98

“House Train Any Dog” is a step-by-step guide to help you fully housetrain your dog. This step-by-step training process is clearly detail so you will never get lost or confused.

  • Leave your dog at home alone for hours – Be able to leave for hours without worrying about your dog going to the bathroom inside.
  • Works with any breed of dog – These potty-training techniques work for all breeds regardless of their age or size.
  • Never worry about your dog using the bathroom inside ever again – Be able to have your dog inside without having to keep an eye on him the entire time.
  • Easy to follow guide for anyone to use – Print off our step-by-step guide or read it off any computer, Mac, iPhone, or laptop!
  • Safe and fun for you & your dog – Your dog will quickly learn the right thing to do when they enjoy the training sessions.
  • Our new techniques give the fastest results – fast-track training techniques quickly transform your dog’s bathroom habits.
  • No past knowledge of dog training experience required – Anyone can use these training techniques even first-time dog owners; there’s no past dog training experience required.
  • Guaranteed to work – We guarantee you will see fast results and will have a fully house-trained dog!

Learn How To Own, Care For, And Train An English Bull Terriers

Living With An English Bull Terrier


“Living With An English Bull Terrier” is a complete guide that teaches you how to live with and care for an English Terrier. This comprehensive guide will clarify the untruths, misconceptions and unfound talk about this breed of dogs.

  • Choosing a puppy, Re-homes, Rescues
  • Preparation, Diet, Potty Training
  • Accidents, Walking, Collars and Leads
  • Sleeping, Exercise, Treats, Kennels
  • Bad Language, Bad Habits
  • Health signs, Grooming, Bathing
  • Visits to the VET

Learn How To own, Care For, And Train Pit Bulls

Pit Bulls Revealed

$29.95, $19.95

“Pit Bull Revealed” is the ultimate guide on owning an American pit bull terrier. This all-inclusive guide will instruct you on all you need to know about this fascinating breed. You will learn the history and myths about pit bulls, as well as how to care for and train your dog.

  • How to avoid the 3 biggest mistakes when it comes to color, weight and ears
  • The ‘Locking Jaw’ myth exposed
  • 6 facts every pit bull owner must know
  • The truth about “Giant” pit bulls
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when buying your pit bull pup
  • The foolproof pit bull puppy breeder checklist

Learn How To Potty Train Your Dog Using A Litter Box

Puppy Potty Training with a Litter Box


“Potty Train Your Puppy With A Litter Box” is a step-by-step training method that will teach you how to potty train your best friend indoors. This guide will teach you how to set up a puppy room, create an initial puppy house training schedule and more.

  • You will learn how to integrate outdoor walks with indoor potty training
  • Dog will know where to go indoors
  • No more bad weather walks
  • Most practical for dogs with limited mobility
  • Perfect for apartment dogs

Learn How To Use These Easy-To-Do- Steps To Potty Train Your Dog

Puppy House Training Secrets

$34.97, $24.97

Your puppy depends on you to teach him or her all they need to know. “Puppy Hour Training Secrets” is a comprehensive guide that will teach you how to potty train your dog in just days. This step-by-step guide will teach you many fantastic house-training techniques to potty train your dog.  

  • Choose the right puppy potty training!Learn the different techniques for house training and which will work for you.
  • Potty training for the new puppy!Introduce your puppy to your home, when to start potty training, and your first night.
  • Schedules are all important! Feeding, playing, potty, training, and sleeping.
  • Training the older dog! Special considerations for house training the older dog.
  • Equipment you will need! What you really need for your potty training.
  • Dealing with common potty-training problems! Learn how to deal with all issues you may face.
  • Much more! Learn everything in between.

Learn How To Use Music To Cure Your Dog's Separation Anxiety

Music For Dogs

$99.99, $29.99

“Dog Music” is a behavior modification technique designed to cure your dog’s separation anxiety long term with no health risk. “Dog Music” is created for dogs with anxiety and dogs who are alone a lot. This music is design for any breed of dog at any age.

  • To make crate training a relaxing process
  • Reduce the stress when being re-homed
  • Make car journeys peaceful for your dog and you
  • To comfort a sick or injured Dog
  • To reduce anxiety and distract from scary noises outside

Learn How To Train The Most Stubborn Dog Into A Fully House-Broken, Healthy, Happy, Beautiful, And Obedient Pet

Dog Training

$59.95, $37.00

Dog Training system is a course to help you establish the best relationship with your dog. This training method is perfect for dogs of all breed and size. It addresses the real-life problems you face when training your dog. In addition, this system is also a comprehensive dog care system

  • How you can housebreak your puppy or adult dog so that it only relieves itself at the place where you want it to and NEVER relieves itself in any other place in your house…
  • The single biggest mistake that inexperienced dog owners make when they try to house-train their dogs… and how YOU can avoid it
  • 3 easy methods by which you can housebreak your dog quickly and easily– the Paper Method, Crate Training Method, and Outdoor Method… detailed, step-by-step and easy to understand instructions, common mistakes made by other dog owners while implementing the methods and how you should avoid them
  • Which of these 3 methods of house-training will be suitable for dog puppies and which methods should only be used for adult dog?
  • Which of these 3 methods of house-training should be used if you mostly stay at home and which of these methods should be used if you have to leave your house for work every day?
  • A unique way by which you can know when your dog is trying to tell you that it needs to go and relieve itself
  • How to house break your puppy or adult dog if you live in an apartment or if you cannot take it outside for some reason
  • What to do if a fully house-trained dog suddenly starts relieving itself all over the house for no apparent reason
  • The simple technique that you can use in order to stop your dog from spraying in the house and on the furniture in order to mark its territory
  • Two highly effective things that you can do if your puppy pees whenever it sees you or other people or whenever you approach it or whenever you pick it up

Learn How To Train Your Dog To Do Parkour Style Tricks

Parkour For Dogs


TreT Style Training is a course that will help you teach your dog unbelievable tricks. Your dog will be able to jump over different kind of barriers, jump fences, climb trees and bluff rocks. This style of training will present your dog with an exceptional and happy life.

  • An overview of TreT-Style training
  • What to do before you begin training your dog
  • How to teach your dog the different commands
  • When to begin training your dog
  • Carrying out walk-training
  • Developing balance and equilibration in different condition
  • Safety measures to ensure that your pet have not trauma
  • Your role in mastering tricks

Learn How To Care For Your Aging and Injured Dog At Home

Wagging For Life


“Wagging For Life” is a comprehensive course that helps aging dogs ease into old age. This course also offers rehabilitation techniques and exercises you can do with your dog at home post-surgery.  This program will teach you creative solution to implement at home to help your aging and injured dog.

  • When your dog can’t get into the car without help
  • When your dog no longer able to jump on the bed
  • When your dog reluctantly climbs the stairs
  • When your dog groans when standing up
  • How to make your home safe for your dog
  • How to make adjustment easier on your dog post-surgery