Blues Bass for Guitar Players

Finally… A Step-By-Step, “Cut To The Chase” System For Creating Perfect Blues Bass Lines Every Time…


Advanced Guitarist Program

Get ready for a Major Upgrade
with your guitar skills, accuracy and musicianship!

Discover the secrets most Guitar Players will never know about playing music on the Guitar …

Acoustic Blues Guitar

What do you really need to be able to play acoustic blues in the old style? You have probably tried several guitar courses from various instructors, and perhaps often found something missing.

Adult Guitar Lessons

Have you always wanted to play guitar but could never find the time?

Like the rest of us, you’re probably busy raising a family, working a job, finishing school or chasing a career. You might even think you’re too old, or unable to learn how to play.

Blues Guitar Riffs

” Get Instant Access To Over 60 Blues Jam Tracks, 3 Hours Of Videos Lessons & Improvisation Guides… As Seen On Guitar Player Magazine!

In the next 5 minutes, YOU can learn how to play blues guitar using our jam tracks, step by step videos and tutorials!

Express Guitar

If You Are Just Getting Started With Guitar Or Are Interested In Improving Your Skills, You Have Come To The Right Place. STOP The Struggle! … And Put The FUN Back Into Learning Guitar With Our Step-By Step Motivational Guitar Lessons …

Guitar On the Spot

Have You Always Wanted To Play The Guitar, But Thought It Was Too Complicated?

GuitarSimple - Easiest Beginner Guitar Lessons

Learning basic guitar is possible in 60 days. Surprise your friends playing your acoustic or electric guitar.

Guitar Success System

“Throw Those Outdated Lesson Books Away And Start Learning To Play Any Style Of Guitar In Just Minutes A Day – Online!”

Guitar Theory Revolution

Who else wants to finally understand music theory using secrets your guitar teacher doesn’t even know about?

Ideas, Phrases & Exercises for the Modern Guitarist

More than 300 Pages, more than 350 Videos and more than 200 Audio Files!
The most complete Guitar Ideas Book on the Internet.

Learn To Play Guitar: An Absolute Beginner's Guide

Learning To Play The Guitar – An Absolute Beginner’s Guide
Written for beginner guitarists by professional guitar teacher Anthony Pell is one of the best beginner guitar eBooks online.

Online Guitar Courses

Online Guitar Courses Structured learning and guidance from an experienced guitarist

Open G Guitar for Beginners

HERE’S THE SECRET AND AMAZING POWER OF THE “OPEN G GUITAR TUNING” – that allows even TOTAL BEGINNERS to start playing in a few moments, without having to learn painful chords:

Play Worship Guitar

“At Last, You Can Learn Guitar And Popular Worship Songs With A Step-By-Step Guide In Just 30 Days!”

Riff Master Pro

Slow down music with Riffmaster Pro!

Our app lets you slow down songs without changing the pitch, so you can practice playing them easily

Rock Guitar Mastery

Complete A-Z Beginners Foundations Course

Turn It Up With Over 120 Videos And 20 Hours of Full Step-By-Step World Class Training

String Ninja Guitar Made Easy

Youtube tutorials? Tabs? Where do you even start?! There’s just so much stuff online! Chances are, you feel a little lost and overwhelmed starting guitar.

We help you teach yourself guitar, learn fast, and play your favorite songs.

Oh and one more thing. We’re a little… Different.


Harmonica and Guitar Lessons Online

Sound Great On Harmonica and Guitar

Online instruction available where you are when you want it


Jazz Education and Musical Performance

Welcome To The Barry Harris Official Website


Singing Superstar Karaoke Experience

Are you frustrated that your expensive karaoke player does not let you play all the songs you want?

So were over 30,000 (and counting) other people who are now enjoying all the benefits Singing Superstar has to offer….”

Music Business

Master The Art of Stage Performance

Learn How To Exponentially Increase Your Band’s Following, Sales, Growth And Performance Without Wasting Decades Of Learning The Hard Way


Music Career Blueprint

If you’re an artist looking to get signed, become famous, get your music into TV or film, or even just improve your game, then you owe it to yourself to stop what you’re doing right now

Record Label Business Plan

Start And Run Your Successful Music Company With The Record Label Business Plan!

Royalty Free Music Marketing

Lease Royalty Free Music Media For Your Next Project, Website, You Tube, Commercials, Movies, Mix tape, Vocals, Music Videos, Studio Time, Films, Blogs,

Webinars Etc.

Music Production

Easy Home Recording Blueprint

Major Label Artist Shares His Exact Home Recording Method Step By Step, So Any Songwriter Can Easily Learn To Make Pro-Quality Recordings At Home.

How To Make Beats In One Day - Pro Tools Addition

Learn to Make Beats in less than 24 Hours!

This course was designed to teach you the essentials of using Pro Tools and making a beat from start to finish; all in one day.

Learn How To Make Beats

CODEGAT FL Studio guide which is a PDF E-book will teach you how to make beats with FL Studio in only 30 minutes.

If you read carefully from cover to cover and practice what we tell in the guide, you will begin to make very good beats on your own. This guide is a very good source for those who are newbies!

Producer Gone Wild

You Have Found The Only Producer

On The Internet That Has Beats In Bundles

If you were looking to buy quality beats online that are affordable and catchy with the possibility of being the next BIG hit then this is it….

“A Royalty Free Beats Exclusive Offer”

Producer's Piano 101

Discover The Secrets 99% Of Producers Will NEVER Know Playing Piano…

Professional Music Production Software

Over A Thousand Premium Presets.

Endless Options With Zero Confusion.

A simpler way to make harder hitting beats and grooves on your Mac or PC

Sonic Producer

Sonic Producer V2.0

The BEST online beat making software to ever hit the internet! Are you ready to Make KILLER Beats?


Music Promotion

Learn to Promote Your Music

Are you and independent artist looking to promote your music?

Music Theory

Become a Magical Mind Reader

How To Know Which Chords To Use In a Song

Before You Play The Song! Become a “Musical Mind Reader”

How To Read Music In One Evening

Learn The 3 Parts Of Reading Music in Hours, not Years!

In about 3 or 4 hours I can really teach you the principles of reading music.

You won’t be great, of course, but you’ll be on your way!

Read Ledger Line Notes - Fast!

Can you read all the ledger line notes on the piano keyboard?

Neither Could I …

until I discovered a powerful new technique that makes reading ledge line notes a breeze!

Read Music Notes For Adults

Learn to read music notes quickly and easily

If you are an adult or a teenager learning the piano, then this could be the most important invitation you will ever receive.

Read Music Notes For Children

How your child can read music notes easily and quickly

If you are a parent or music teacher with children taking piano lessons, then this might be the most important suggestion you will ever receive.

The Pure Pitch Method - Perfect Pitch Ear Training

“Finally Revealed… Learn The Secret Method
Of Pitch Recognition That Allowed A 16
Year Old Teenager To Master Absolute Pitch
And Relative Pitch In Less Than 6 Weeks!”

String Theory: Guitar and Piano Chords in Parallel

Welcome to your number one source on the Internet for Guitar and Piano chords together! We provide chords for Guitar and Piano side-by-side in PDF e-Book and mobile e-Book formats so that you can easily translate and play chords between Guitar and Piano.


Making Oboe Reeds

“Discover How You Can Improve Your Oboe Reed Making Quickly and Easily”

Do you want to make better more consistent reeds without getting an ulcer?


Amazing Piano For All Ages

Amazing Piano For Adults…and students of all ages.

Hundreds of Online Video Lessons


Instant Piano Chord Finder

Piano Chord Chart

On your computer desktop!

Find Piano Chords Instantly

Piano Lessons

Get Instant Access to All our Courses and Ebooks!

Learn to play Easily and Quickly Pop, Ballads, Rock, Blues

Piano For All

Now Anyone Can Learn
Piano or Keyboard

Play Piano In 30 Days

Let’s face it…learning to play an instrument can be one of the most grindingly boring experiences you will ever have.

Sure being the center of attention as you play fantastic tunes perfectly and with flair is cool. But if you have to spend literally a thousand hours practicing to get it to that point is it really worth it?

Playing Piano With Chords

Did you know that most rock and pop songs are built around just a few chords?

That’s why learning chords in the right combination can unlock so much music for you! In this book you will learn the necessary chords and chord progressions to get you started in pop, rock, blues, funk, neo soul and jazz.

Play Popular Music with Ease

Now, there’s a fast, easy, and foolproof way to…

Play popular music without years of effort…

in your own style!

Rocket Piano

The easy way to learn piano.

Over 90,000 people have learned to
play with Rocket Piano.

Isn’t it time you got the structured learning you’ve been missing?

Secret of Exciting Piano Chords

Who else wants to learn chords for one buck a lesson?

The Talking Piano Chart

There is nothing remotely like this in the entire world! It is one-of-a-kind, and only available right here. You not only SEE each chord, but you HEAR each chord, plus I personally explain each chord and how it is formed.

Sheet Music

Classical Guitar Sheet Music Scores

We have recorded all of the pieces in the catalog.

You can play them on-line in REAL AUDIO or higher quality mp# and download about 2 hours worth of music in RealAudio for off-line listening.

Music Scores

Online Sheet Music prepared for your instrument or ensemble

Download classical sheet music and sound files instantly

Song Writing

Write Songs That Sell

Why Most Songwriters Have No Luck With Their Music and What You Can Do About It. As a Songwriter, It’s Important to Know There Are Methods You Can Use in Your Songs to Get People to Want to Hear Your Music

We’ll Talk About Those Methods Here…

Superior Song Writing

Songwriting is an art that anyone with an interest in music can master


Rocket Ukulele

How would you like to play the ukulele so well that you blow people away with your talent? And how would you like all this in less than 30 days?

Ukulele Lessons

All you’ve got to do is play along with three 7-minute videos per week, and your progress will skyrocket.


Learn Violin in 30 Days! Violin Lessons Made Easy!

This Revolutionary step-by-step learning method slashes your learning time…and works like magic… even if you’ve never played an instrument in your life!

Online Violin & Fiddle Lessons

Have you struggled to find a teacher in your area?
Have you had to cut lessons from your budget?
Are you frustrated with your violin practice time, seeming to make no progress?
Do you move frequently and have to start over with new teachers?
Do you feel self-conscious about your form, tone, or intonation?


LearnHow To Rap, Freestyle, and Write Your Own Songs

New Proven Freestyle Rap Program Teaching Beginners How To Rap, Write, And Freestyle Like A Pro. Includes An Advanced Songwriting Course.

Learn To Sing

Get Rid of Your Vocal ‘Break’ & Reach
for Higher Notes with Effortless Strength



Discover the Secret to Singing On Pitch

The Fast, Easy, Fun Way!

Singing Lessons

Discover How To Become A Better Singer*

Singing From Scratch

✔ Learn how to be confident in yourself as a singer!

✔ Learn how to master pitch and sing in tune!

✔ Discover the power of the “3 Voices”!

✔ Learn how to shape your notes and mix your voice like the pros do!

✔ Master the art of singing!

Vocal Webinar

Learn to blow your audience away with these LIVE secret online classes..

Come to class online and I’ll critique your style and coach you to sing like a star..


Build Your Own Marimbas. Xylophome, or Vibraphone

Comprehensive Plans To Build Your Own Xylophones, Marimbas, Vibraphones And Other Commercial Quality Percussion Instruments