Unify your Organization in Style: Custom Tees Without the Hassle

Finally, a way to order your organization’s shirts without ordering everyone’s shirts for them!

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Do You Have An Event Coming Up For Your Group Or Organization?

You want your crowd to stand out in the crowd and look like a unified team, but you know what that means...

  • T-shirts! And figuring out sizes...
  • And chasing everyone down for money...
  • And finding one style that everyone agrees on!

Ditch The Bulk Shirt Order Hassle And Stick With A Private Custom Collection By Abanak Studios And Do It Free Of Charge!

Get your Private Custom Collection with different styles of shirts and merch with your unifying design on all of them. And it’ll be paid for and delivered without you breaking a sweat. We’ll do all the hard work for you.

Here’s How It Works

If you have an event, like a family reunion, conference, or class graduation coming up which is at least 6 weeks away, then Abanak Studios can help.

We need 6 weeks to build out the design, set up the collection, and allow people to place orders and get them shipped. Additionally, we can only help groups that are 15 members or larger.

Step 1 – Design

If you have a design that you’re already in love with, then send it to us as a .png or .jpg for no additional fee. If you don’t have a design, we can make one for you with a $50 deposit per side of the shirt. So, a two-sided shirt would require a $100 deposit, but… We refund you the deposit after 15 sales plus give a free shirt to the organizer on file with Abanak Studios!

Step 2 – The Collection

Once we have agreed on the design, we’ll set up the private custom collection where your members can order their individual shirts. They can choose the size and the style. While the design remains consistent with the group’s theme, they have several style options to choose from, including V-neck, crew neck, sweatshirts and more.

How do you members access the collection?

We’re glad you asked!

After we have the color and designs approved, we’ll send you a private link and a QR code for you and your members to access the private collection. Now they can order whenever and whatever they want without bothering you.

Step 3 – Delivery

After your member has ordered their preference, we’ll get to work printing the shirt and ship it directly to their home, where it’ll arrive in just 7-10 working days.

Yep! You don’t have to carry a box of shirts wherever you go, hoping to bump into your members anymore.

Step 4 – You Look Awesome

Now your crowd stands out in the crowd, looking good and looking unified! And if a shirt is lost in the mail and arrives with a defect, we offer a money-back guarantee if they are purchased 3 weeks before the event. That gives us enough time to track the package and reprint and reship if needed.

What our customers say!

Excellent quality printing but what was most impressive was the customer service. Following up to ensure I received my merchandise and on the ready to send another for no charge if the carrier caused a delay. You just don't find customer service like this anymore! Thank you, I will shop again!

-Stephanie Smiley

The shirt quality is the absolute best I've seen . Excellent communication with the shop owner, and fast shipping. I will definitely be ordering more merchandise from this business in the future.

-Lorenzo Riddick

This shirt is AMAZING! My husband is on a trip but when he gets back, he is going to LOVE it. It is a quality shirt and it is beyond beautiful. It is definitely an eye catching shirt and the design is fabulous. We will be ordering from this company again.

-Karen Bahringer

I love the shirt it makes people laugh it’s a catchy line
Love the quality of the shirt not to thick but right and it keep u cool instead of hot
Love the color black and gold

-Noel Billinghurst

Turn your group into a powerful, organized, and unified team for your next event. Abanak Studios makes it easier than ever.

Imagine showing up to a family reunion with everyone wearing your family name across their chests proudly. The family photo will be one to remember forever!

Or how about finding your team members in a crowded conference center, knowing they’d stick out wearing the same thing you are!

Or imagine competing at an event and getting a boost of confidence seeing all your biggest fans supporting you in the crowd.

Let Abanak Studios Work Their Magic And Help You Order Your Custom Tees!

Stand out together in unity and strength. Make your next event a hit with custom-printed tees from Abanak Studios.

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