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Successful People Believe They Deserve Success

Successful People Believe They Deserve Success

Part 9 of 10

What if I told you that there are certain people that don’t think they believe they deserve good things to happen to them? I know it sounds crazy right. I mean who in their right minds would assume that they don’t deserve the good things in life.

What kind of cancerous or toxic mental ideas are they suffering from for them to think this way? Believe it or not, this is not rare. Too many people sabotage themselves from achieving success because they believe they do not deserve success.

One common variation of this is thinking all your future success will be beyond your grasp since you screwed up royally in the past. It’s just not going to happen. Forget about it. They believe in stigma.

They believe there are certain things you cannot do. If you do it in the past, you’re sealed from any kind of success. You are a failure and you will continue to be a failure.

Now, they don’t explicitly think about it in these terms but the effect is the same. They can’t bring themselves to do something needed and to sacrifice something required for them to achieve great success in life.

Another variation of this is the Impostor Complex. This complex afflicts people who accomplished many things. They know how to write best-selling books. They know how to speak in front of large audiences. They know how to connect with people.

They know how to do the right things at the right time with the right people to produce the very best results. But deep down inside they feel they are impostors, frauds, fakes, hypocrites, or liars. They call this Impostor Complex, and it’s real.

In fact, you only know less than Oprah Winfrey, herself who reported that she suffered from Impostor Complex. Deep down inside, it goes back to the same place. It goes to this burning idea of not deserving success.

Well, flip the script because the more you walk around with Impostor Complex or the self-sabotaging idea the less likely success will happen. Eventually, even if you have achieved great victories in the past, your Impostor Complex might catch up with you and erode your ability to make things happen.

It robs you of the enjoyment and immediacy of the feeling of success. You deserve success. Why? Well, you deserve it because you know how the pieces fit. I understand that you’re feeling like a fraud right now.

I understand that you feel you’re the biggest faker in the world but when you look around the room, who knows where the pieces fit? Who can see the big picture? Who can see where this is all headed? That’s you.

That’s why you are in the position you’re in. Understand that. Embrace that fact. Others can work hard but they don’t know how the pieces fit. They’re smart people around you. They are hard workers. They sacrifice a lot.

They don’t know how the pieces fit. You hold the key and that’s why you’re able to focus on providing value and this will make you feel more deserving. It is a value that people pay you for. It is the value that people keep you around for.

Focus on providing it and you will feel more deserving. Don’t let the thought of not deserving to be successful, erode your confidence because you will disappoint and hurt many people. I know it sounds kind of weird but your success is their success.

When you provide value to them, they benefit. You should know your success defines your ability to provide value. If you let your Impostor Complex or your feeling you do not deserve success take over you, it will erode your competence because when your competence breaks down, you let other people down because you’re giving them less value.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Part 8 of 10

There’s a common mythology about success. They’re supposed to be independent. They’re supposed to be strong. They’re supposed to be lone thinkers.

It’s as if they came up with a vision of the future and through their own sheer effort, sacrifice, and focus, they turned that vision into reality. Well, that image of the heroic, maverick, and successful person happens from time to time.

It is far from the most common case of success. Successful people eagerly ask for help. They do this because they know they’re not jacks of all trades. They can’t do everything. They have specializations but they also know success requires other parts.

For example, if you want to be a successful online entrepreneur selling stuff online, you may be good at promotions, marketing, product selection, web design or affiliate marketing.

There are so many moving parts but chances are you probably will only be good at one thing or two things if you’re lucky. What do you do with the rest of the picture? Do you try to do a half-assed job with the rest of the pieces?

Your success is the sum of its parts and more. If you have only two good parts and the rest is junk, what do you think will happen? Successful people focus on their core competency. They focus on what they’re good at.

These are the linchpins of their success. For everything else, they ask for help. Help can come in many forms. You can delegate. You can outsource. You can collaborate. You can put up things for discussion and brainstorming and then come up with implementations.

Whatever the case may be for these other things, you’re not relying on yourself. You are tapping into the eternal truth that two heads are better than one especially for brainstorming and coming up with ideas.

Believe it or not, when you are in a room full of people and you’re trying to solve a problem, you solve the problem in a way that doesn’t add 1 to 1, 1 to 1 is 2. But when you are in a group of people, exponential ideas come about.

This should not be unexpected because people look at the world in different ways. Different people have different vantage points. They have different points of view. They have different experiences and this can be a very helpful resource.

Why don’t you do it? Well, most people struggle because of pride. That’s what it is. If you pick at that pride and dig deep, it leads to fear. Don’t let pride or fear hold you back from victory and success. That’s what you’re doing when you refuse to ask for help.

It doesn’t make you look weak. It doesn’t make you look like an idiot. It doesn’t make you look like you are a failure and screw up. It does none of that because even the most successful people eagerly ask for help.

I’m not just by asking for help. They eagerly seek it out. You’re not less of a person because someone helped you along the way. What’s important is you pay it forward. I’m not saying about paying back the person.

It’s more than that. It’s about paying it forward. When you become successful, there will be other people trying to be successful that you will encounter. Help those people because somebody who achieved success in the past helped you get on the way.

That’s how you pay it forward. If that person helped you once, help others a thousand times. A thousand different people, help them individually.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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Your Past Mistakes Don’t Have To Define You

Your Past Mistakes Don't Have To Define You

Part 7 of 10

I can’t even tell you how many people I come across who say, “I’m a failure”. “I don’t have it”. “I suck”. Life sucks. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer. Every single year, I get poor. I’m stuck.

These people are not low IQ individuals. They’re not ugly. There’s nothing in their appearance that makes them inferior. Instead, it’s their attitude that dooms them to a life of mediocrity, struggle, and frustration.

If you’re reading this article, chances are you’re feeling these things you’re feeling that your life follow a pattern where one day is basically the same as the day before it.

There’s really not much change in your life. Before you know it, you feel that you’re stuck in your life. It’s as if the script keeps playing over and over. It’s the same boring old movie again and again. Same movie, different day and then, comes the conclusion. Death.

I know it sounds depressing. It’s definitely discouraging but I want you to understand where that mindset leads to. It definitely doesn’t lead to a happy place. If there was any doubt before, now you have the answer.

People who screw up in the past think it seals the rest of their life. Your past mistakes don’t have to define you.

No matter how bad you screwed up in the past, it doesn’t have to hold you back unless you let it hold you back. When you keep repeating scenes in your head of being rejected, humiliated, embarrassed, betrayed or oppressed.

What do you think happens? Do you think you get justice in the here and now? Do you think you change the material fact of what happened in the past? It does not. It’s not like the movie Back to the Future and you got a flying Delorean that you can jump into like Marty McFly. It doesn’t work that way. What happened in the past happened. What you can change is your interpretation.

What you can change is its effect on you in the here and now. Claim this power. The key to external change which is happening in you right now your appearance, your work, your business, the amount of money in your bank account, how big your house or apartment is.

All across the board is an internal change. Change your relationship with your past and you change your future. Does your past condemn you? Does it make you feel small, weak, and powerless?

Well, you can change how you interpret your past. Internal changes mean changing your thought patterns, assumptions, beliefs, and emotional habits. While it’s perfectly true that the world doesn’t care about your feelings, it cares about your actions.

It aims at results. Where do you think those results come from? It comes from your thoughts because when you think about your situation in a certain way; you end up in an emotional state. In that emotional state, you make certain decisions.

When you make those decisions, you change your world because you acted. What if you can change your thoughts? What if you can change your assumptions about your past?

Your life doesn’t have to feel like a runaway roller coaster where the moment where the moment you think about something negative, everything has to end up with a negative choice again and again and again.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Please understand that you are always in control because you can always choose how you interpret things. You can always choose what you think about. You can always choose what you dwell on.

Do not let go of that power. That would be the height of irresponsibility and I hate to say this and it’s painful because when I first realized it when somebody said it, it hurt me. It stung.

That was precisely the point because at that point I grew. You do it to yourself. You really do. I know it doesn’t make much sense. Who wants to live a frustrated life?

Who wants to feel this pain? But you do it yourself. The answer, stop doing it. Take responsibility. You can do it. Do something else.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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This Is the First Thing You Need To Do To Become More Successful

This Is the First Thing You Need To Do To Become More Successful

Part 6 of 10

What is the first thing you need to do to become more successful? If you’re reading this, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, I will buy a book or I will sign up for some course.” Other people might think they have to find the right guru or mentor to help them achieve success.

Those are important but you’re putting the cart before the horse if that’s your line of thought. There’s something more fundamental you need to do. There’s something more basic you need to attend to. What am I talking about? I’m talking about belief.

Pay attention to your mental inventory because until and unless you believe you can change, nothing will happen in your life. This is a powerful form of this. This is the most important ingredient in the process of changing your results because you’re trying to become more successful.

This is a simple matter of changing your results. Obviously, you’re not happy with the results you’re getting. You want to be more successful but don’t automatically assume that you can change.

Embrace this possibility. Recognize its full features. Stare it in the eyes and let it in. Absorb it. Most people don’t go through this. They automatically assume that they can change.

What happens? They buy book after book, sign up for course after course, take many steps, and end up with a lot of nothing. Why? They built their empire of change on a foundation of sand. It did not occur to them. They didn’t believe things can change.

They didn’t believe they were worthy of success. They didn’t believe they have full authority and ownership of their life. Please understand that you should believe you can change because it is the key that turns the lock of that mental prison you’re in.

You’re not locked in the past. Instead, the self-fulfilling prophecies paralyze you and that becomes your future. You should analyze what you’re thinking and what you believe about yourself. If your beliefs are the wrong place, you are wasting your time.

What do you need to believe?

Believe you can change. Believing you can change means you can effect change all across your life. This means greater power over your circumstances, greater power over your life, and greater power over your opportunities. Say to yourself, “I can change.”

Now, repeat it again and again. After you’ve done that, I want you to come up with three solid examples when you changed. Most people can do this fairly easily because you are capable of change.

If you want something basic, look at how you can ride a bicycle. That is change. Why? Because at a certain point in time in your life’s history you did not know how to ride a bicycle.

Find that point where you switched from not knowing how to ride a bicycle to one who can ride a bicycle. Look for these monumental changes in your life. It doesn’t have to be big. You don’t have to be a hero. It doesn’t have to be overly grand or dramatic but once you base it on the truth of how you changed in the past that means you can change now.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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Successful People Aim to Fail Quickly

Successful People Aim to Fail Quickly

Part 5 of 10

You have probably read the article title and did a double take. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Why in the world would somebody want to fail quickly?” “Isn’t failure something we’re supposed to avoid?” “Isn’t it something we’re supposed to run away from?” “Isn’t it a mark of embarrassment or even humiliation?”

Why in the world would successful people of all people aim to fail quickly? You should understand that successful people know failure is always a possibility. They don’t candy-coat it. They don’t deny that it exists.

They don’t make up excuses for it. They don’t dress it up in many fancy rationalizations, excuses, and justifications. They do none of that. Instead, they look it straight in the eye. It’s always there. People feel the pain.

Maybe, it’s monetary. Maybe, it’s social which means loss of reputation. Whatever the case may be, failure means pain. They realize so they look at what they stand to gain. They do a calculated risk-benefit analysis and if the analysis comes out right, and the project is worth taking on, they still keep looking at the possibility of failure to motivate them.

These people know the difference between wanting to fail and getting ready for setbacks. Their mindset shifts to failing quickly. They want to know if this will not pan out.

I want this to flame out quickly so I can pick myself up, dust myself off, and go on to the next opportunity. Quick failure means quick lessons. It is not a judgment on your character as a human being.

It is not some summation of your value as a person. It doesn’t define you. Instead, you learn what you need to learn like Thomas Edison who once used a hair from a man’s beard in his efforts to invent the light bulb.

Obviously, that did not pan out, but that didn’t stop Edison from trying many times. You need to fail quickly so you can quickly determine that the road you’re on is not the right road. You can then shift to go to another road and then try another one.

Quick lessons mean a faster track to eventual success. That’s how successful people think. People who struggle for the rest of their lives experience failure and look at failure as something that defines them.

What did they do? They dwell on it. Instead of a quick failure that yields important quick lessons, they dwell on the failure and the lessons they get are worst lessons because it’s all about them.

They’re not smart enough. People don’t like them. They don’t have enough money. They can’t get money. They’re trapped in their life with all these ‘toxic’ lessons.

Fail quickly and get the lesson quickly. This enables you to minimize the cost and the pain. Pain will always be a part of the equation but it doesn’t mean that you have to maximize it. It doesn’t mean that you have to let it burn you and define you as a person. When you do that, you make success more elusive.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success


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One Key Fact about Failure That Can Help You Succeed

One Key Fact about Failure That Can Help You Succeed

Part 4 of 10

If you’re reading this, chances are you might have met with some form of failure. I know it burns. I know it stings. I know that if given a chance, you’d rather not deal with it and focus more on enjoying the benefits of success.

Who wouldn’t? That’s how most people would respond but understand that failure is not what you think it is. Most people believe failure usually holds them back from achieving success.

Successful people think differently. They understand that failure can help them succeed. They were  more motivated by gain than intimidated by fear. What does this mean? First, failure means pain. It is difficult since there’s pain there. It can be physical pain which is fairly rare but possible but usually, it is a mental and emotional pain.

There’s nothing more painful than thinking you’ve invested a tremendous amount of time, effort, emotional energy, focus, and willpower on something that didn’t pan out.

There’s also social pain because people knew you were working on something and then now you have nothing to show for it. You feel like a fool. It may not be pointing fingers at you but it doesn’t make the pain go away because we want to impress people we love and respect.

Failure means pain and instead of running away from that reality, successful people understand that this means one thing and one thing alone. Since failure can be painful on so many levels, this means they have to work on the project with the urgency it deserves.

This is not playtime. This is not a joke. It’s not a hobby. It’s not something you do just because you have nothing else better to do. It’s real. It demands respect and focus. Successful people acknowledge it will involve the pain.

This is why before they jump in, they get a full understanding of the risks and consequences involved. They don’t shy away from these. They don’t disregard the risk of bankruptcy. They don’t brush the possibility of fiascoes under the rug.

They look at them straight in the eye. They see that monster. They acknowledge it for what it is and then they look at what they stand to gain. Then, there’s this calculated risk that comes out of it.

It’s the pain that keeps them honest. It’s the prospect of losing that keeps their attention focused. This is how you make failure work for you instead of wasting all this tremendous amount of time, effort, and emotional energy by running away from it, making excuses for it, ducking it, and so on, and so forth.

You understand that failure means pain, and this triggers you to step your game up. Use the pain of failure to motivate you. Get the motivation you need to stay focused long enough to achieve victory.

Victory will not happen tomorrow. Victory requires putting in the work, focus, and sacrifice day after day, week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success


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Successful People Know Failure Is Their Friend

Successful People Know Failure Is Their Friend

Part 3 of 10

Did you know failure is your friend? You’re probably either laughing out loud or cringing. You probably have this almost irresistible urge to close the window of this article.

Well, hear me out. Most people are afraid of failure. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure that out. This is part of the human condition. They draw us to pleasure and we recoil from pain.

We would love the big mansions, the swimming pools, the global vacations every two months, and the tons of money in the bank, but we hate or we try to avoid putting in day-after-day at the office doing seemingly meaningless work.

Try to avoid meeting the very difficult people that can lead to great deals but it’s murder time to deal with them. We would like to get the reward without going through the painful process. I understand that since that’s part of human nature.

This is why we’re afraid of failure because we know it guarantees nothing. We can put in the work, the time, the effort and make all the sacrifices and at the end of that process, there’s nothing there.

You’re left holding an empty bag but you’re already failing right now if you’re not shooting for your goals and dreams. You really are failing because every day you spend being paralyzed by failure is a day not spent working towards success.

Fear of failure can paralyze you and make you do things the wrong way. The worst thing you can do is to put things off and wait for the ‘right time’ to happen but that right time never comes.

Stop waiting for tomorrow because tomorrow will never come. There will be many duties, responsibilities, and obligations that will pop up all over the place that will distract you. They will throw you off track. You can bet on that.

Fear of failure can also make you hesitate and doubt yourself. Doubt is an emotional cancer in certain contexts. In the spiritual context, it’s positive. In relationship contexts, it can be positive but for your capabilities, it is a cancer. It can burn away at you.

The worst part is it builds slowly until it explodes at the moment you least expect and you end up crashing and burning. Don’t doubt your capabilities. Challenge yourself but don’t doubt.

The ultimate truth about you is that you can do it if you put in the time, effort, and sacrifice and choose the right goals. Unfortunately, if you’re so deathly afraid of failure, you don’t go through the learning process.

You don’t go through that. It’s painful. That’s why you’re avoiding failure but it will not happen. You don’t even give yourself the chance to make it.

Successful People Think Differently

Successful people don’t fear failure. Believe it or not, successful people know failure is always a possibility but what do they do? They make it work for them. They view failure as the price they pay to learn.

If you want a good example of this, pay attention to that quote from Thomas Edison. He said, “I didn’t fail to invent the light bulb. I discovered 101 ways of not inventing light bulbs.” Do you see the logic in that? Failure is the price you pay as you learn.

You can use it as a steppingstone to the ultimate success or you can use it as a gravestone to all your hopes, wishes, dreams, and ambitions. The truth is successful people view failure as a necessity.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are

You Are Not Perfect the Way You Are

Part 10 of 10

There are so many songs telling you you’re perfect the way you are. There are so many self-help books telling you that there’s really nothing to change. There is definitely no shortage of motivational speakers who tell you, “You are complete.”

You need to set all that aside. In fact, if I wasn’t being polite I would call them lies because that’s what they are. They are lies because the more you believe in that, the more you wall yourself off from a meaningful change in your life.

I’ve got bad news to tell you. The only constant in life is change. That’s the only thing you can bank on. That’s the only thing you can rely on and can safely come back to again and again. It was true in the past. It’s true right now. It will continue to be true long into the future.

Change is the only constant in life and it’s a good thing because, with change, we can improve. Change is actually a promise. It doesn’t matter how small you feel, how defeated you think you are, and how incompetent, ugly, and desperate things may be to you. With change, you can turn things around. That’s what’s so awesome about change.

I once met a homeless man on the streets of San Francisco and Los Angeles and I was working for an insurance company and he said something that really blew my mind. It changed my life. He was a guy who just had newspapers as his bed.

He lives a block away from my office. He said, “This too will pass.” I looked at him. I looked at the situation and look at how desperate things seemed. And then it hit me like a crystal bullet in the heart. This too will pass.

There I was wearing an expensive suit, a nice silk tie, and I realized that this connects me and that homeless person. This the truth that connects all of us. What we think our reality is will pass because of change.

Instead of something that’s scary, instead of something we have to run away from, it’s something we should work with. How do we do that? How do we make a change? How do we make the deep and profound reality of change work for us instead of against us?

Well, it boils down to assumption. Choose your thoughts carefully because when you assume that you’re perfect you cannot deny that change always happens. It’s like a fire. We can’t intimidate it. It will continue to rage. It will continue to burn. It will continue to march forward.

It doesn’t care even if you acknowledge it or not. Sadly, when you think you’re perfect the way you are, you end up getting burned by change. This doesn’t just happen once. It happens again and again and again until you get the lesson.

What lessons are there to learn? First, assuming you’re perfect means you’re less likely to want to learn. I don’t care how smart you are. I don’t care how well you have it together. You need to keep updating your knowledge base. Otherwise, the world will leave you behind.

Given we live in the Internet age means information spoils quickly. Take the case of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You may be at the top of your game ten years ago. But SEO from 10 years ago will only get you banned or punished by Google today.

Keep with the times. Unfortunately, if you think you’re perfect, you know everything. It prevents you from learning what you need to learn to keep up. Assuming you’re perfect also means you’re less likely to want to adapt.

The world is chaotic the world throws many curve balls at you. You need to move. You need to be quick on your feet but to assume that you’re perfect means that you’re just going to stand still. So you get hit with one ball after another.

Soon enough, there’s blood all over the place and you are flat on your back. Not a happy ending. Assuming you’re perfect also means you’re likely to blame others. If you’re perfect, it’s everybody else’s fault. They’re imperfect. It’s not my fault. I’m perfect.

Do you get the twisted logic of that? It’s sad on so many levels. Most of all, it’s sad because when you blame other people, you give them power over your life. Why? Well, if they’re the ones who caused the problems, logically this means they are also the solution.

Well, reality check. It’s bad enough controlling yourself. Can you imagine trying to control other people? Forget about it. Finally, assuming you’re perfect means you’re less likely to assume or believe life is unfair. I’m telling you. Life isn’t fair.

It’s rough. It’s chaotic out there but the good news is that despite all this imperfection, there is beauty. There are sublime truths. There is profound peace you can attain but you should struggle for it. You should uncover it. You should work for it. You’re not perfect. You never will be. Welcome to the club.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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You May Be Picking Up Toxic Beliefs That Doom Your Efforts

You May Be Picking Up Toxic Beliefs That Doom Your Efforts

Part 2 of 10

Make no mistake. We choose our own beliefs. There’s nobody sitting behind you with a gun pointed to your head telling you to believe certain things. There’s nobody threatening to kill you if you don’t believe you are worthless, incapable, and not up to the job.

Nobody’s forcing you to be miserable. I know that that’s an uncomfortable thing to hear because we’re human beings. We’re trapped in a prison of weak flesh and we would love to have somebody or a situation to blame.

You choose your beliefs and these are the foundation of your reality. They are the lenses which you used to filter out reality. That’s what you used to read reality. They’re not forced on you. You’ve voluntarily assumed them. You always have a say.

How to Fight Back?

How do you fight back against your toxic beliefs? It all boils down to being more critical. This doesn’t mean that you have to turn into some jerk or asshole but it means that you have to be more skeptical.

Don’t think things have face value. Somebody might say something is right or true but filter that information through your experience. Use your logical reasoning facilities.

Unfortunately, many people are lazy because if somebody we know who we love and respect says something or make a truth claim, we are more likely to pick up on what they say and assume that it’s true.

Why? In the back of our heads, we filtered that person as someone who experienced many things and as someone who has achieved credibility and authority in our mind so why do the heavy work and be skeptical of what they say?

Basically, you transfer the time, effort, and attention to detail that you invested in developing that friend or mentor to their claims. This is a problem because people make mistakes all the time.

People say the stupidest things all the time and if you were mentally lazy and adopt what they say wholesale and absorb it, there will be a problem. Maybe they’re saying something that’s true to them personally, but it’s not some universal truth that applies to all people across the board.

The next thing you need to do is to stop assuming. Don’t be afraid to look at first principles. If somebody is saying a big claim, don’t be afraid to look like a fool and say, “Hold on, what do you mean by this and by that?”

When you do that you stop people in their tracks. You keep them from taking leaps of faith in their argumentation. Mature, very balanced and advanced thinking people would appreciate that because they understand clean logic. They understand a clean progression of argumentation in their mind.

However, people who are lazy or insecure would attack you and that’s okay. Be prepared for that but never fear out of asking to look at first principles because you will be the victim if you allow them to fool you because that’s what’s happening.

Do not assume. Don’t be afraid to look at the premises behind their conclusion because there might not be a good logical fit. The bottom line to all of this is that if you adopt the mindset of being more critical and refusing to assume things. You always think you can choose your beliefs; you change your life.

You really do. Why? You actively make your beliefs work for you instead of against you. Please understand that beliefs are two-edged swords. Learn how to craft them so they are beneficial to you and people depending on you.

Learn the secrets to developing a success mindset.

Reprogram Your Mind For Success

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Belief Is Your Key to Success

Belief Is Your Key to Success

Part 1 of 10

If you’re reading this, you’re looking for a way out of the mediocrity or flat out failure you are experiencing in your life. It’s okay to admit it. There’s no shame in trying to find a solution. What is shameful is to hide the problem and pretend that everything is okay?

Now we’re on the same page, I need you to pay attention to the chair you are sitting on as you read this article. It seems sturdy. Obviously, it’s able to hold your weight. It’s doing its job just fine but did you know right before you sat down to read this article, you had to make a quick snap decision.

In fact, it went by so quickly that you probably were not even aware of it. Still, you need to make that decision. What am I talking about? I’m talking about your assessment of the fitness of the chair. That’s a big deal because if you sat on the chair without thinking and without even considering whether it’s sturdy enough to hold your weight or whether it’s positioned right, you probably will fall flat on your butt.

You might even hurt yourself. Belief is the reason you quickly went through the emotion of sitting before you can read this article. You believe the chair would hold your weight. You believe it’s in good enough shape to take care of you and prevent harm from happening to you.

I’ll walk you through this exercise to bring home the point that belief is crucial to your daily existence. You do it all the time. You operate out of belief. You live in belief. Belief is the glue that ties your life together. It informs your decisions that make your life possible.

If you can believe this chair can hold you up why do you continue to believe in things that hold you down? If you’re struggling in any shape or form it’s because you believed in the wrong things. I know it hurts; I know it stinks.

Nobody wants to hear this because it leads to the ultimate conclusion we all need to wake up. We are the authors of our life. We make that call. We make that decision and nothing stings more than coming face to face with the reality you made bad choices.

If you’re struggling in your relationships, at your job, with your health, how much you weigh, and what you look like, it’s because you made the wrong call. Nobody likes to be wrong. But the good news is that you don’t have to rely on your feelings.

You don’t have to remain trapped or at least you feel trapped. Instead, you can tap into the power of belief so you can make better decisions. You understand that the world doesn’t care about your feelings. It really doesn’t give a hoot about what your emotional state is.

Do you know what it pays attention to? It is your actions. Get your belief house in order and you will make better decisions. This means taking better action which puts your life in a better position.

Belief impacts your expectations and assumptions. Start there. What do you assume to be true about you? It is your life, your place in the world, and your capabilities. What do you expect out of life? This is a belief too.

The good news here is that just as you can accept certain beliefs. You can drop them like a hot potato. Seriously, belief affects how you roll with the blows; it affects your coping mechanisms. Understand how belief works and understand that belief is a choice. Choose better beliefs and you get better results. It’s that simple.

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