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Custom Made Name Plaques in Epoxy Resin

A handcrafted personalized gift is one of the best ways to show someone how deeply you really care for them. Handcrafted from wood and epoxy resin and with a cork-board backing to protect doors and walls. Our name plaques are as personal as you can get.

We build them to inspire and to last a lifetime.

To begin the process, we start with two pieces of wood. Then we sand the wood until they are smooth. Next, we tape the wood up and seal them with a base coat. Once it dries we add deep and vibrant colors by applying a coat of epoxy resin designed for countertops. Why do we use countertop epoxy resin? Because we are building something with the strength to last a lifetime.

Now, we take the name board to the laser to carve out the name. Cutting the nameplate with such delicate details is only possible by using a laser.

Next, to create a super-strong bond that will never fail, we encase the two pieces in a second coat of clear epoxy. Which bonds the backplate to the nameplate while adding an incredible shine with a 3D effect that ensures the piece will catch the eye.

Then we wait for the last step to fully dry before adding a special third and final topcoat that makes the surface so tough it will resist scratches, heat and be UV safe so that the colors never fade.

Sixth, we add a cork-board backing and a manila line for hanging. This gives the name plaque a rustic look and makes it easy to hang on a door or a wall using a simple nail or a command hook.

For as much as you want your loved one to know you cared enough for them to have such a personalized gift created for them. We want to be sure the receiver thinks of you (even after your long gone) when they look at it.

Finally, since we believe in never leaving our business with loved ones left unsaid, we will engrave in the cork-board back (at no extra charge) a piece of advice, a poem, a sentiment, a photograph, or a prayer to pass on to the recipient. That they can look back on long after your gone.

*Just add what you would like engraved in the notes when ordering*

Each name plaque is unique, with no two ever looking precisely the same.

We first started making these as personal gifts for our friends and family members.

But the response was so great that we began receiving requests from people who wanted us to make them for their family members. So, we decided to offer these to the public.

Seeing the light that comes to a person's eyes the first time they see their plaque is very gratifying.

Because of demand and the amount of work and time it takes to handcraft each plaque, crafting can take up to two weeks to complete.

*At checkout add the name to be cut, personal message if any, and color preference to notes.*

Size 11in x 8.5 in
Weight 1lbs

Customer Reviews

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Just Lovrly

I was lucky enough to receive both the Plaque and TShirt of Chief Tecumseh's speech. They are both wonderfully made and I will absolutely treasure the for years to come.


These are awesome gift idea's- custom made pieces that bring life to the wall. Love having this hang in my office💜

Jose vela

Absolutely love this! Well- made, very professional and materials are hight quality I highly recommend his art
Will definitely be looking into purchasing more!


Thoughtful, beautiful and well crafted pieces. They are light, colorful and so fun. The name plaques are made in our favorite colors and make such great decor. The Warriors Creed gives me inspiration each time I read the powerful message. Very happy with our gifts from Abanak! They will be treasured for years to come.

Customized to perfection

My daughter is only 3 but she's an art critic already and she loves her name plaque. Me and mom are very impressed as well.