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If you are thinking about playing a “PBM game” you are not familiar with and that your friends haven’t played, well, why should you play? You exhale, thinking, this is going to be some work.

PBM games are complicated! There may be 60 pages or more of rules, but there are some with only 4 pages though I don’t quite understand those, as paradoxical as that might sound.

Duel 2 Alamaze

welve Newbies in One Alamaze Game

What we see below are a few accounts from newbie Alamaze players posted on our Players’ Forumregarding their experience in their first game. This was an unusual game in that 12 of the 15 players were brand new and all players knew each other from the RSI game Duel 2 (formerly Duelmasters). This was especially interesting for me as I used to play Duelmasters, and had a friend in Paul Brown who ran RSI. RSI was next to the Alamaze booth at Origins / GenCon when Alamaze won the PBM Game of the Year Award, and Paul went on to license a version of Alamaze from me and engaged me to design their next game. You can get more Alamaze info and signup at the Alamaze website.