1. What is Abanak Studios?

Studios is a custom t-shirt printing service that simplifies ordering
shirts and merch for your group or organization. We print your designs
on various clothing styles and allow individual members to place their
orders via a custom QR code or link. This means you don't have to worry
about collecting money, handling order forms, or dealing with leftover


2. What kind of events can benefit from this service?

event where you'd like your group to stand out and feel unified! This
could be a family reunion, a convention, a class graduation, or a casual
get-together. Our custom-printed shirts are the perfect solution if you
want to foster a sense of togetherness and pride.


3. How does the ordering process work?

send us your design, or we can create one. Once the design is
finalized, we will set up a private custom collection where your members
can choose their preferred style and size. Then, they can place their
orders directly through a private link or QR code, and we will ship them
to their doorstep.


4. What if I don't have a design?

problem! We can create a design for you. There is a $50 deposit per
side of the shirt for this service, but we will refund the deposit after
15 sales, and the organizer gets a free shirt!


5. What kind of clothing styles do you offer?

offer a variety of styles to suit everyone's preferences. This includes
V-necks, crew neck shirts, sweatshirts, and children's sizes. The
design will remain consistent across all items to ensure a unified look
for your group.


6. How long does the process take?

require at least 6 weeks to create the design, set up the collection,
and allow people to place orders. Once an order is placed, the item will
be delivered within 7-10 working days.


7. What if a shirt doesn't arrive on time or has a defect?

offer a money-back guarantee for lost items purchased three weeks
before the event. This gives us enough time to track the package and
reprint and reship the item if necessary. Damaged or defective items
have a 30 Money Back guarantee.


8. How can I contact Abanak Studios?

can reach out to us via a message or comment on our website. We'll get
back to you with a few questions to see if our service fits you. Or
email us at service@abanak.com


9. Can Abanak Studios help small groups?

services are best suited for groups of 15 members or larger. This
ensures we can provide your organization with the best value and


10. Why should I choose Abanak Studios for my custom-printed tees?

Studios removes the stress and hassle of ordering custom shirts and
merch for your group. We handle the design, printing, and shipping so
you can focus on planning your event. Plus, with our variety of styles
and easy ordering process, members can choose a shirt they love. It's
never been easier for YOUR crowd to stand out in the crowd!

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